A double-decker bus, usually used in England or in large cities. Better than a bus because it is not as cramped and because riding in the top is more fun.
"There sure are a lot of people at this bus stop. If this isn't a bus-bus, we might not get on!"
by UVicStudent December 30, 2010
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Bu-bu-but is the stuttering when a blowhard, typically spouting political opinions, has his argument totally shut down, and he makes one last confused attempt with his same tired stock line.
Jesus: Ok, so here is what I want you to do. Love others just as I have loved you. Take care of them and don't judge them.

Disciple: Bu-bu-but what if they are gay.

Jesus: Did I stutter?
by sanjuro_kurosawa July 21, 2014
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The way a person with Tourette's ticks when their friend is being a real BITCHHHH FUCK OFFF WEEEEEEEEE
" So anyways- BU -bu buuuu- BITCHHHH! Fak-oFf WEEEEEEEE... what was I talking about?"
by eldestPHART101 December 4, 2020
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Term used to describe someone who makes a return journey on the bus
He or She will need to Bus It There Bus It Back
by cornersofa September 21, 2018
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Typical intercalary of the italian trapper 'Sfera Ebbasta' (TRVP KING) used in most of his songs.
Often linked to 'No no' and 'Squaah' (Squad).
"Lo sbirro infame guarda male quando passiamo (Bu Bu)"
by Redz_ November 29, 2016
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