a girl who shops at mostly stores like hollister and ambercrombie, not to be confused with a prep, but equally as annoying.
did you see those girls in french class? yeah steph was such a quando
by Geoff wk July 10, 2008
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Best rapper and we laughing at von dead ass, nigga looked like a pretzel in that morgue pic
“How that shii go?”

by KBuba KVelly September 30, 2021
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The Oath of the International Possum Brotherhood.
While granted, this Didelphidic phrase has existed since time immemorial, it has been popularized in comparatively recent years by the 11th Chapter of the Brotherhood, Possum Lodge, and its most illustrious member Mr. "Red" Green.
Note: It is in fact Possum and not the vagabondish "O-Possum".
Mike Hammer: "Sit down, sit down..."
Enter Red Green
Mike Hammer "All rise!"
All: "Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati."
Red Green: "Sit down."
by DuctTapeForever October 17, 2021
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