12 definitions by sanjuro_kurosawa

Aubrey Huff's (San Francisco Giants baseball player) lucky red thong (for men).

Originally a gag gift from his wife, he wore it during the final months of the season, leading up to a World Series victory.

Really, it is a play on rally hats and the rally monkey.
OMG, the Giants are losing! We need put on our Rally Thongs right now!
by sanjuro_kurosawa November 08, 2010
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Scooby Doo's comedic mispronunciation of "Uh Oh", it is also a play on potentially dire situations, usually starting with a minor event that could escalate into something huge.
North Korea just shelled a South Korean island? Ruh Roh!

There is a small leak from the dam? Ruh Roh!
by sanjuro_kurosawa November 23, 2010
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When a large group of weirdos congregate in public places like parks and malls, staring into their phones, and walking aimlessly.

They are playing Pokemon, oblivious to the world, like a zombie pack
I tried to walk through the plaza but there were too many Pokemon Zombies blocking the way.
by sanjuro_kurosawa July 17, 2016
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SOCILISM (preferably capitalized) is a word on placards carried by unemployed Tea Baggers, who think having Universal Health Care like the rest of the Western World, is worse than having the freedom to allow private insurers decide if whether you living or dying is more profitable.

Also, it identifies a Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin fan, as well as a 7th grade reading level.

I don't want SOCILISM in my life. I prefer to drive on dirt roads and have no police.
by sanjuro_kurosawa September 23, 2010
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Bu-bu-but is the stuttering when a blowhard, typically spouting political opinions, has his argument totally shut down, and he makes one last confused attempt with his same tired stock line.
Jesus: Ok, so here is what I want you to do. Love others just as I have loved you. Take care of them and don't judge them.

Disciple: Bu-bu-but what if they are gay.

Jesus: Did I stutter?
by sanjuro_kurosawa July 21, 2014
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A misspelling of quarantine, a necessary practice to limit the spread of Coronarvirus. The usage of cornteen indicates low intelligence and high impulsiveness, and anyone using this term should be in quarantine from everyone else.
Yo, tired of this cornteen! Let's party down by the lookout.
by sanjuro_kurosawa March 26, 2020
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A nickname for Campagnolo, the finest bike components ever to grace a bicycle.
I spent mucho dolares for my Campy Record group.
by sanjuro_kurosawa February 27, 2008
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