A African American man who shoves objects in his as and exclaims he’s “busting “ or “I’m bouta cum uoh” he has shown talent in the art of the saxophone, has his own lube company
Juan: yo you seen dreamybull newest video?
Fry: no way dude is it funny?
Juan: hell yea dude I’m bouta cum uoh
by MlgWow March 7, 2022
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a funny black man that enlightens us about when he is about to climax in a dramatic fashion. (he is also very talented at playing the saxophone).
Person 1: Lmao look he's about to do the thing
Person 2: The fuck we're watching dude
by zazalover9000 April 8, 2023
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A known black (African America) gay pornstar that sticks objects up his arse/ass and jacks off. He is used for memes as him jacking off is cropped, with a sadding thumbnail such as "This guy was shot 12 times RIP". The memes are shared on Discord, Twitter, and TikTOK.
Ken: Hey why the hell is this nigga shared?
Ja2n: Bro's name is dreamybull
by Newgroundsmoment April 13, 2022
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A black guy who shoves dildos, fruits, and eggs up his ass but he is also famous for saying ambatukam
by MARCUS MYERS April 25, 2023
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DreamyBullXXX, known formally as Perell Laquarius Brown, is an african-american gay male pornstar known for making exaggerated facial expressions and noises during orgasm in his "onlyfans" videos and has been made into a popular meme in the internet.
"I love that dreamybull guy man, he always makes those weird ass noises when spooges all over the place'"

"Omaygot! Omaygot! Omaygottttt!"

"Ambatukam Ohhhhhhh Ohhhhhhh Shiiiiiiiit"

"Ambatunat! Ambadeblou!"

"I want it! Give me all of it! Give me all of it! Oh!!!!!"
by Latavius July 26, 2023
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Real name Perrel Laquarius Brown, he is a black male pornstar famously known for being a popular star in recontextualized porn memes. He is most famous for jerking his john while exclaiming "I'm boutta cum!" which became popular on Ifunny and Tiktok as they restated it as "ambatakam" due to his accent while making the exclaim. In 2014, he was arrested for larceny misdemeanor. He lives in North Carolina with a wife and two kids at 30 years of age.
"Dreamybull is really boutta cum!"
by Jaxy 💕 November 8, 2023
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