2 definitions by eldestPHART101

she likes to screech, howl and hiss to express herself

world's fastest pooper

has never been seen wearing flats and never will be
will bare her large teeth as a warning when threatened
has a bedazzled tooth
is unable to pronounce her L s
blunt & straight to the point
may have inherited anger issues
WOOW! a homeless girl in a fur coat just flashed her tits at me on the side of the road!
must have been a Maria
by eldestPHART101 December 3, 2020
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The way a person with Tourette's ticks when their friend is being a real BITCHHHH FUCK OFFF WEEEEEEEEE
" So anyways- BU -bu buuuu- BITCHHHH! Fak-oFf WEEEEEEEE... what was I talking about?"
by eldestPHART101 December 3, 2020
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