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a person who hits no clips for his teams biggest teamtage but let a picture hit a banger
damn man you better hit some clips soon, you dont wanna be a burko do you?
by furiee June 03, 2017
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A hobbit like creature who spends most of his time down in his den. To see a Burko in daylight is very rare and are more common at night. If you come across a Burko, make sure to smack it in the kidneys and give it a cheap shot to the head. followed by stomps to the ribs.
ed: "look that guy is short and hobbit like"
earl: "he must be a burko"

ed: "that guy has slept more then been awake"
earl: "his such a burko"
by poo on your shoe May 26, 2010
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a large pack of marlboro reds or a giant bottle of jager.
wow, kendall smoked all of those burkos and didnt share them!
by megjohn! July 06, 2008
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