Call of Duty players can be divided into 3 groups:

1: The people that don't ruin the community, unlike group 2 and 3.

2: The people that rant about 360 noscopes and bullshit, and hate it when other players get a lucky kill on them

3: The 7 year olds that act all "dude shut the fuck up I have a bitch blowin me right now asshat fuck you you fucking fucked up fucking piece of fuck fuck fuck nigger fuck."

Group 3 usually relates with group 2. Groups 2 and 3, and rarely group 1, discriminate other games because they don't have superb graphics.
The mind of a Call of Duty player, group 1.

This group varies.

The mind of a Call of Duty player, group 2.

Graphics > Gameplay, 360 noscopes make you cool (when they just make you a goddamn queer UNLESS you don't have an orgasm after pulling one off) and if anyone kills you they are a hacker.

The mind of a Call of duty player, group 3.

Tell people that you are seventeen and not seven. Nope, people WON'T think you're Justin Bieber and they will believe that you have a girlfriend. That's right, you fucking fuck fuck fucked up fucking fucked piece of fucking fuck.

Though I don't play the game itself, I enjoy watching people pull off trick shots, and I do infact find it funny when they have "orgasms", BUT I hate it when they go about knocking on people's doors that they spun in the air and hit someone.
by CloudChaser6 August 22, 2012
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Modern version of curse like a sailor - to use excessive expletives and racial slurs.
Person 1: Aaaaargh! You fucking fucked up niggers fuck!
Person 2: Gee, that guy really can curse like a Call of Duty player, eh?
by FokkerTISM April 12, 2014
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