Obsessive. Stuck in the loop. To become obsessed in a pointless, addictive, creative task to the detriment of the everything else in your life.
She's gone completely bunting .
by mohairbearboy September 20, 2010
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When you place bread in another persons ass and give them the time of their life. Doing anything you wish but with bread in their ass.
"Hey jack, I made Jenny feel special last night when I put that bread in her ass.. wow she moaned. Best Bunting ever."
by Mr. spider thrower May 18, 2014
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Term used for Male gay penetrative sex
Jeff: "I heard my roommate and his boyfriend bunting last night!"
by weebillybob January 08, 2006
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The act of prematurely ejaculating while in process of having sexual encounters/thoughts/day or night dreams.

Also known as a wet dream.
Seb : "Gus....."
Gus : "What seb? How'd it go with Niki last night?"
Seb : "It lasted about a minute...then I bunted...inside-"
Gus : "WHAT?! POOR NIKI!!!"
Seb : "Yea, it's ok though... she doesn't know what bunting is"
by manwiththeplan22 June 24, 2010
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Someone who talks really slow in a mono-tone voice. Listining to this peson for hours on end would make a hardened criminal drop his guard to take a nap. Do not underestimate the powers of a Bunting, they can make someone who has had 50 cups of coffe sleep, and drive a sane man to insanity.
Wow, this guy is a total Bunting, if I hear him talk for 5 more minutes I'm going to shoot my self!
by jblixtowsky November 23, 2005
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Bunting (Verb) bunting is the action of being a friend to the opposite sex and having no chance of sexual relations, yet continuing to try.

Bunt (Noun) bunt is a name for someone who is friendzoned or doesn't have a chance with a friend of the opposite gender but they don't give up.
Bunting: (verb) "Dude, she strait said you were friendzoned, but you are still trying to hit that? Stop bunting man."

Bunt: (noun) "This is the third girl this year who's friendzoned you but you keep trying. You're such a bunt."
by Meowzers111 June 22, 2014
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A block of time in which a significant amount of work has been completed. Used mainly by hydro one forestry workers
Want to do another bunt, then take break?

That was a pretty good bunt, George.

Man, we just bunted hard. Let's have a fiver.
by Bellows September 02, 2021
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