when you bungee jump and you get so scared you crap your pants
my friend went bungee dumping off a bridge and he had to throw his boxers away and burn the trash can
by guy who farts August 9, 2009
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When a group of uncut males get together to purposely pull and tug on each other's foreskins to see who's will stretch the furthest.
Frank remained the champion of his Bungee Brothers. His buddy was able to tug and stretch his foreskin a full four inches.
by Eaton Holgoode April 18, 2015
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A middle manager who is transferred into the department, stays for a very brief period, changes everything, and disappears, never to be seen again.
Dude, our new bungee boss just changed all of our weekly reports. Again!
by Deton8R March 21, 2012
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When you staple your ballsack to the roof of a building and jump off. The ultimate power move in a sexual situation.
Jack was being a little bitch and wouldn’t go bungee jumping with me
by Bigg Chops May 23, 2019
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when you jump off a really really high place, and the rope does the rest!
guy 1: bungee jumping sounds so cool, i'm gonna do it twice!
guy 2: good cuz your gonna do it three times
by steven lebarron March 1, 2008
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When you do the Mrs / or Mr in the arse, wearing a rubber and it comes out covered in the brown stuff. They then rip it off you and repeatedly let it dangle whilst thrusting toward it, mouth open, until it is sucked clean.
I did the Mrs in the arse last night and made her give me a Gambian bungee. It was stonking great.
by donkeypuncher691 April 22, 2009
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Rednecks use this term instead of ratchet.
That girl is a bungee slut.
by Countrylovin November 24, 2013
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