The act of closely following another vehicle, almost literally sitting on the bumper.
Driver 1: Two drops of rain hit my windshield so I'm going to drive 2 miles per hour.
Driver 2: I guess I'm going to be bumpin' this guy all the way down the road!
by Shoie13 December 22, 2008
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n. When you meet someone in a place you didn't expect to see them.
You're my third bump-in today!
by The Grammar Nazi January 09, 2002
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Welsh slang. Used to describe something / someone that is less than appealing.
Mate, don't ever go to 'Taybarn's, the food there is bumpin'.

Did you see that girl Briggs pulled last night!? She was bumpin'.
by Lozbian April 15, 2011
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hella ligit shit is happenin
this music is hella bumpin
damn that guys car is straight up bumpin
by j bean February 03, 2007
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