bastardization of befuddle, often used reflexively; baffle; confuse.
I thought math was hard, but physics totally bumfuzzled me.
by insignis November 14, 2003
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to create a chaotic situation within a person's mind.
Watching too much Jeopardy while drinking shots made Jim a bumfuzzled guy!
by D.H. February 23, 2004
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the act of receving head while taking a poop. (the proclaimed two best feelings in the world)
Dude, I totally got a bum fuzzle by Jill last night.
by matt November 06, 2004
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to be confused
Jack: Hey Marty, what's the answer to number 4?
Marty: I'm not sure that one bumfuzzles me?
via giphy
by seton22 June 03, 2017
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A mythical creature found in ancient nord story books, also known as an anti-Widwid, best described as a 50 foot tall frog with the head of a house cat and arms of a lion.
Yo dude! When I was tripping, I swear I saw a Bumfuzzle in the distance!
by Captain Widwid October 24, 2016
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