A face in which has a buttocks, or "bum bum" upon it.
I met a bum bum face today. He has smelly breath, and bad conversation.
by Monstramo September 07, 2003
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Lmao bum bum is used as a response to a meaningful text a way to truly shut down the individual who is pouring their heart out for you.
Alexia: I really love you and I want you to be my boyfriend

Ahoora: lmao bum bum nigga
Alexia: Damn, if that's how you feel.
by ThanosKekeShartyKat October 31, 2018
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a person who has a large crack on there face almost looking like a bum crack
that nice man in the corner has a bum bum face
by jenson Swader September 08, 2003
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when walking down the street and a random person violently thrusts their bum into you and then continues on their walk as if nothing ever happened. This ends up inferiorating the victim and continues the bum cycle.
{girl walking down hallway}

{guy eying her hungrily}

{guy thrusts bum into girl and then sandwiches her into the locker jostling her a little bit}

{guy walks away as if nothing has happened}

The girl has just been victimized by the violent bum bum. and she continues to victimize others with this vicious cycle known as the bum bum war.
by Chelsea Smith/Kristin Glancy August 14, 2008
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Means that you cant have babies in your bum bum. Firststarted by lily allen
person a: maybe you are pregnant

person b: probs not

person a: well how do you no?

person b: because no baby in the bum bum

person c: and now im guna bell slap you

darth vader: i am you bell end
by cederic December 30, 2007
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