ghandi look alike being, who is always in search for bum, and once the bum is found, eating takes place. Usually takes place in DHS and said to be quite dangerous!
ravi eats bum ; ( ravi is a bum eaaater!)
by Anonymous October 27, 2003
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What you inevitably say whenever someone sings "SWEET CAROLINE" or just says "Caroline".
-Hi, my name is Caroline.
-You're a fucking weirdo.
by sweetjohn March 03, 2017
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1. When two people are absolutly crazy over each other in every possible way.

2. When two people can not live with out each other and are crazy in LOVE

3. To be in love

4. crazy in love

5. Love Love Love

" saki and val are bum bums"

" saki is crazy for his bum bum"

" val will never leave saki...hes her bum bum "
by valbum January 11, 2008
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An alcoholic beverage which has achieved some level of notariety on cape cod. The drink contains one part vodka and two parts prune juice.
Waiter: can I start you off with something to drink?

Matt: 2 bum bum waterfalls, a cup of ice, and the largest trash bag you find, and hurry up, we're trying to get off vape before the morning rush; what're you having Andrew?

Andrew: please don't get that for him.
by Ivana vp March 30, 2020
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