A beauty contest held in Brazil, where the women competing are judged by how sexy their butts look
I was at the Miss Bum Bum contest yesterday, I am SO GOING AGAIN NEXT YEAR!
by Metallicajunkie October 05, 2018
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a reptile in which has bum-like scales.
"I got my pet bum bum face at the store today."
by Olivier Jenson Mosquito September 06, 2003
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Penis bum bum is used to describe someone who is both a dickhead and/or ass hole, penis bum bum sounds far less offensive then both of these but means a great deal more.
"Omg stop annoying me!"

"No it's funny"

"GOD you're such a penis bum bum!"
by Stoner.Babe98 April 25, 2017
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A cute, sweet girl that is simultaneously singing and dancing with a child-like smile on her face
That girl over there listening to the Gypsy Kings is such a bum bum hunny!
by Ringo Stein May 28, 2008
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Any flying insect which can be found hanging around the anus of cattle / sheep and / or welshmen.

Have been known to descend to feast upon shite from said critters arses.
Look at the way the bum bum fly just hangs there...
by urbankhaos May 06, 2003
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