A term Americans mistakenly use when they really mean to say bollocks.
"Bullocks"? Bollocks, mate, say it right!
by Bud Rugged July 30, 2004
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bullshit; nonsense; balderdash

Slang from Britain that means bullshit
I can't believe they lost the game! That's such bullocks.
by Guy McDonovan December 3, 2003
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A cow's testicles. Used in slang to describe something Shitty, or something that has gone wrong.
Aw, thats Bullocks.
That bullocks went wrong
by your mum ting December 15, 2004
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A young male cow, British slang meaning "Bullshit" or "non-sense", also used to man "Bully" or "enemy", and lastly, is used as an exclamatory for mistakes.
"Ye shall offer 2 newborn bullocks..."

"That's bloody Bullocks, no such word as alouicious!"

"The Gin-- Awww bullocks!"
by Eva 02 December 8, 2003
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One who is a loyal fan of Sandra Bullock!
If you've seen 'While You Were Sleeping' or 'Miss Congeniality' more than 20 times than you're probably a Bullocker! ;)
by _Kizzzzzy July 1, 2013
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When you use a state-funded plane to cover up the fact that you are having an affair with your Commerce Secretary.

Named after Steve Bullock 2016 Montana political scandal
"Dude, thanks for the plane flight, my wife would be so pissed if she knew i was Bullocking her!"
by murfpostsfunnystuffs September 9, 2016
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Bull shit, a lie. But may be good if used as Dog Bullocks
Oh Mrs. Queen your dress is the dogs bullocks

"the dinosaurs were extinct when a giant fish came all over" Thats Bullock!
by Jonathan Ng November 8, 2007
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