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A highly sophisticated slow motion special effect technique used to show a bullet in flight. The action is slowed down to show the bullet traveling as it passes through the air. The bullet emits tracer rings to show its path and to show it tearing through the air. This technique was pioneered and made popular in the science-fiction film The Matrix. This technique has since been used in many movies and video games including Max Payne, Metal Gear Solid 2, and Charlie's Angels to name a few examples.
"Man that bullet time stuff is insane!"

"Bullet time kicks ass!"
by IceWarm July 06, 2004
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The slow motion effect used in many movies and videogames, such as The Matrix and Max Payne. Originally used in hit sci fi film The Matrix, it is now used often in many places such as PC game Max Payne, Mission: Impossible 2 and on many TV shows.
Neo dived back and avoided the bullets using Bullet Time.
by Antony May 28, 2004
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A 'super slo mo' effect, used best in the Matrix films, bullets can be seen travelling through the air, the filming itself is done by filming at 150fps.
'I've seen people empty entire clips at an agent and hit nothing but thin air'

by Wise Man November 13, 2003
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A state of mind in which one speeds up their own reactions to a point where their own sense of time is altered and the world around them seems to have slowed. This causes the illusion that laws such as gravity have been bent, and the air around you feel like water, because you cant move or fall any faster than normal. People who can manipulate this can accomplish incredible feats that are seemingly impossible to do in real-time.
(Note: Bullet time is measured in relation to the speed of a bullet, hence the name.)
I was fighting these dudes, and then they pulled out guns. Then i went into bullet time; they never saw me coming.
by Jay C October 02, 2003
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An over-used special effect in movies and video games that fucked up the cutscenes in Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes.
The Bullet-Time cutscenes in Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes made Solid Snake look like fucking Superman.
by cyanide_chewing_gun September 12, 2004
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A special effect in movies popularized by the movie "The Matrix". In the movie, time is slowed down so much that the viewer can see very fast moving objects such as bullets. Scientist used this technique to study other fast moving objects such as the famous milkdrop shot.

Bullet time in movies however uses cameras that record at speeds anywhere from 100FPS to 2000FPS and then digitally rendered to creat a desired effect (such as "wave trails" left by bullets).

As far as I know, the earliest non-scientific use of bullet time was in Korn's "Freak on a Leash" music video.
Bullet time allows you to see very fast moving objects.
by Altomare Latios August 09, 2004
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A certain period during which time is slowed down to a speed where a bullet and its path of motion can clearly be seen, hence the name BULLET time.
by Anonymous August 18, 2003
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