1. A well-written and extremely intelligent television show that ran from 1966 to 1973. Starring Martin Landau and Peter Graves.

2. Follow-up to the original television series that ran from 1988 to 1990. The only returning actor was Peter Graves.

3. A film loosely based on the television series. This 1996 film stars Tom Cruise and is directed by Brian De Palma. Followed by a sequel in 2000 (Directed by John Woo).
Man 1: It's too bad that the Mission: Impossible film screwed up the great ideas the show had.
Man 2: I agree!
by fetusboy September 26, 2005
He called an escort service because the only women in his singles group who would talk to him were as fat as he was, and that would have been mission impossible.
by A. Hick July 24, 2006
During sexual intercourse, the female lies face down on the bed while the man repels by rope from the ceiling to hit it from behind.
Employee: "What's all that rope for?"
Guy: " I'm planning to Mission Impossible tonight."
Employee: *blankly stares*
Guy: *starts humming the Mission Impossible theme*
by Itschrian January 26, 2018
awesome movie, starring Tom Cruise, who's actually a diety in disguise. suck it.
did you see mission impossible?
yeah. it was pretty fucking sweet.
by Pete (fucking awesome) June 5, 2004
when trying to attempt to complete something, but then realising it is actually physically, logically, kinetically, and scientifically impossible, it becomes a "mission impossible"
Boy 1:Yo man, how the heell can I get the hot girl to come to my room tonight?

Boy 2: Hahaha, thats mission impossible man.
by Cloud April 28, 2004
The practically impossible act of fucking your WASP girlfrind in the ass.
I solved the Mission Impossible. I was fucking my wasp girlfriend doggy style when her sopping wet pussy caused my cock to inadvertantly slip into her tight asshole.
by slicksal December 11, 2006
The challenge of finding a person who you dislike to such an extent that you believe they deserve to be gotten legless drunk, picked up, taken back to their house fuck the absolute shit out of them in the dirtiest way possible and when they fall asleep, take a shit on their chest, wipe your ass with their curtains, take a photo and escape the scene of the crime before the person wakes up.
Johnnie did the mission impossible to that girl he hates and got away with it, she had no idea what happened in the morning since she was that drunk the night before, I cant believe it!
by steady10 September 6, 2012