24 definitions by Antony

A mix of twat and cunt all in one, beautifully crafted word.
'Look at him, the twunt.'
by Antony May 7, 2006
A Grand Theft Auto style game set in London with lots of cockney rhyming slang and swaring.
I went out and bought a copy of The Getaway immediately.
by Antony May 28, 2004
Porn star from PS2, PC & Xbox game Vice City, who works for seriously-going-downhill porn studios Interglobal Films. In one scene you nearly, oh so nearly see her humping. All you see is a head going up and down whilst she is moaning like in the cafe scene in When Harry Met Sally.
Candy: I'm sorry, but I don't think I can swallow this right now.

Director: Oh, come on, darling! He's hung like a sperm whale for pitys sake! How can you not feel the part?
by Antony November 14, 2004
Much like the traditional act of a man giving a woman a faceful of cum, but characterised by a vigorous display of effort and release. In doing so, the man has an expression and makes a sound much like Jean Claude Van Damme in those slow motion close ups of his face when he performs his big finale kick on the 'bad guy'.

Especially appropriate when copulating with a lady of loose morals and an a voracious appetite for all manner of sexual endeavour (AKA "a good girl").
Look at the arse on that one over there... I'd love to give her a Van Damme Facial.

by Antony December 20, 2003
A skateboarder who is undoubtedly the most popular today, and often called the best. Has invented many tricks and has influenced an entire generation of skateboarders. A major part of his sucsess is down to his best-selling video games.
Tony Hawk did a 900 at the skate show yesterday.
by Antony November 2, 2005
Stands for Stop Looking At My Bush. Used by bimbo blondes who get laid too much.
Guy: How you doin'?
Blonde: Fuck off and SLAMB!
by Antony January 13, 2006
A man who lives in England and is very fast and is good lookin and has a big c00k.
Hello Halla
by Antony February 22, 2004