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A completely random, but completely hilarious show that was cancelled by FOX in 2002 but was bought back in 2005 after FOX saw how popular it was. Complete genius, and better than the recent episodes of The Simpsons. Also a great source material to steal quotes from.
"You run like my refridgerator - homosexually"

Family Guy. It pwns The Simpsons.
by Antony August 9, 2006
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A singer who not only has made ska credible again, but has also made a new fashion style which combines cheap jewellery, feminine dresses, lots of make up and trainers. Her album, 'Alright, Still' is actually very good, combining rock steady, ska, pop and garage. I hope she goes far.
Lily Allen: A fashion icon, and I hope she becomes sucsessful. She deserves to.
by Antony August 9, 2006
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Stands for Stop Looking At My Bush. Used by bimbo blondes who get laid too much.
Guy: How you doin'?
Blonde: Fuck off and SLAMB!
by Antony January 13, 2006
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A man who lives in England and is very fast and is good lookin and has a big c00k.
Hello Halla
by Antony February 22, 2004
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Depending on who you talk to, this is either:
a) A revolutionary, scary as fuck film
b) An over-rated peice of shit

The film was sucsessful due to a very well planned internet advertising campaign and shit-loads of hype. Of course, due to the film being shot in the amateur-style, shaky fashion, a lot of people thought that the film was genuine.

If you think about it, the film couldn't be real, because:

Why would they take their cameras with them and leave them on, even when they're being chased and are about to die?

The film wouldn't have been released, as the parents of the students probably wouldn't have allowed them.

The scariness of the film majorly depends on whether you thought it was real, and by the time it was released, it had got out that it wasn't.

But what also made the film scary was that it leaves most of it to your imagination. While a lot of moden horror films have massive amounts of gore and violence, this film has one scene where one of the documentary makers opens a package to reveal a small body part. That's it. The rest of the film relies on distant noises and panic to keep you on the edge of your seat.

One peice of advice if you haven't seen the film and want to or if you are still confused by the ending - research it on the internet first, and pay attention to the part where they are speaking to local residents about the Blair Witch. The ending is confusing if you don't, very confusing. I won't spoil it.

The Blair Witch has become one of the biggest grossing movies of all time, due to it's miniscule budget and massive box office sucsess.

The Blair Witch Project: The inspiration for a new type of horror film.
by Antony August 20, 2006
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Something a chav says before engaging in a battle with a fellow human.
by Antony November 26, 2005
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