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Gods name as based on the Bible, commonly refered to as Jehovah, though the abbreviation is taken also from the Bible.- Jah

Commonly extracted in Rasta beats, which amongst other religions recoginize gods name as being Jehova
Singin for Jah
by LMC July 07, 2003
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A fart so awful and of such gargantuan proportion that it clears a room faster than Richard Simmons in spandex!
You are such a whale fart!
by LMC June 07, 2004
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The name given to the action sequence that took place in a computer program called The Matrix in the film "The Matrix" in which super-Neo would battle more than 100 Agent Smiths in an extended orgy of kung fu.
As the team tossed ideas around for one hellacious fight scene that became known in-house as the Burly Brawl, Gaeta realized that the innovative technology he and his crew developed for The Matrix's ultra slo-mo action sequences would not be sufficient to bring the Wachowskis' new vision to the screen.

(Bullet Time was just the beginning. F/x guru John Gaeta reinvents cinematography with The Matrix Reloaded.

By Steve Silberman) {Wired Magazine issue 11.05 May 2003}

by LMC November 04, 2003
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the involuntary hard on a truck driver gets from the vibration of the engine
god damn i wish my diesil dick would go away so i can get out and pump my gas
by LMC November 04, 2003
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The name given to the special effect of a bullet (digitally slowed down) traveling through a computer program called the Matrix in the movie "The Matrix".

also see: Burly Brawl, Super Burly Brawl
Nearly everybody agrees that the most revolutionary technical effect in The Matrix was the use of bullet time, which is the "super slow motion with dynamic camera movement" visual effect used by the Wachowski brothers to stretch and freeze time like taffy during the story. They went on to develop other revolutionary techniques for the Matrix sequels, particularly the "Burly Brawl." But bullet time remains a viewer favorite.

(Bullet Time Meets Bunraku
By rickyjames, Section News
Posted on Wed Sep 3rd, 2003 at 12:13:19 PM PST )
by LMC November 04, 2003
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The name for an action special effects sequence in the movie "The Matrix:Revolutions".
The action set pieces to look out for in Revolutions including the Club Hell Coat Check showdown, Neo's fight with Bane on the Logos, and a Super Burly Brawl (a take from Reloaded's burly brawl) where he fights many Agent Smiths in the rain.
by LMC November 07, 2003
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Is a person who is desperatly trying to be a "Yo". They are generally wearing clothes beyond too large for their body's. Therefore look like they are wearing large colored potato sacks. Hence the word Yotato.
Puff Dog is the biggest yotato in the Bronx.
by LMC June 07, 2004
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