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beef marinated in soy sauce. often barbecued on a grill, sometimes in restaurants at the table.
Julia (Jiyeon) scarfed down the bulgogi wrapped in lettuce.
by nite November 05, 2003
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A guy that is NOT boyfriend material. A wannabe player that thinks too much of himself. Not romantic, not thoughtful, and usually flakes on plans.
That bulgogi bastard said he couldn't make it because he has a cold.

He is looking all sorts of bulgogi with his spikey hair, fake alligator shoes, Ed Hardy t-shirt, and True Religion jeans.
by Whiteboybootyshaker March 02, 2009
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A sub class of Japanese porn where bukkake happens after an intense anal session.
Rick, that girl totally looks hungry for some bulgogi!
by WaddleLove January 18, 2018
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