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1) When you say or indicate that you'll do something, thus 'building it up', and then don't at the last minute.

2) When you do something you said you'd never do.
1) He said he was going to face me in a rap battle but he didn't show, what a buildups.

2) She made all that fuss about how she'd never switch to Pepsi but it was all buildups. She guzzles that shit now.
by PhDInAss September 25, 2014
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to roll a cannabis ciggerette or "joint/spliff/reefer/doobie/L/bifter/fatty"
hey zach does you wanna build up a spliff?
by emanon December 03, 2004
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The face you make right before you laugh very hard. Your eyebrows will rise and your mouth will drop down.
RoLliE BoY: Dude, build up man
YuNg$HaRkCitY$aVAge: Proceds to build up
by CY ROLLIE June 09, 2018
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