Slur or nickname for a black boy / black male child in reference to Buckwheat the black boy in "The Little Rascals" series.
Synonymous with picaninny
"Hi Buckwheat whats up"

"Remember to buy a watermellon for Buckwheat"

"From now on you are private Buckwheat"

"Your honor I did not know Buckwheat was a slur i thought it was his real name"
by Sohave December 30, 2018
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Extremely thick and disgusting ass hair or underarm hair.
Man, she has a load of buckwheat. I wouldn't go near her, bob!
by Shadow Creator October 11, 2007
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A woman who hasn't done maintenance on her pubic area in a long time.
Man, I went down on that girl and it looked like Buckwheat was surprised to see me!
by twosmellyfingers December 27, 2011
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A huge thicket of pubic, armpit, or asshole hair. Or refered to someone who is unusually hairy.
I haven't shaved in like a month, so tonight my boyfriend is going to eat my Buckwheat.
by Buckwheat Cody July 10, 2009
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Someone who lives in a small town, listens to country music, goes muddin, rides horses, perfers cowboy boots over regular shoes, and responds to being called a buckwheat with "I aint no buckwheat."
Lucas Clupny is a total buckwheat because he likes to listen to Tim McGraw.
by not lucas clupny December 03, 2010
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