Being executed with a bullet up the rectum, i.e. a very slow and painful death. Courtesy of Chistopher Walken in Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead.
I'm ordering a buckwheats kill on those fuckers that killed my son's girlfriend.
by Horatio Bosco October 26, 2004
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Taken from the movie 'Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead'. Refers to the commision of a murder in a mostvcruel, painful, unmerciful manner.
Mutha****** if I don't get my money now it's buckwheats!
by Movie Geek June 13, 2004
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A series of small painful beatings administered in such a way as to inflict maximum pain without causing permanent damage or desensitizing the recipient. Implies endless pain. Used as a threat to Jim Rockford in "The Rockford Files" Season 5 "The Man who Saw Alligators" 1979
Give me the name or it will be a long night of buckwheats.
by socmobile September 29, 2006
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Shooting someone up their asshole to prolong their suffering. From the movie Things to do in Denver When You're Dead.
I'd rather be shot in the head than get buckwheated.
by Cliff August 29, 2004
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1) African-American charicter in the "Our Gang/Little Rascals" shorts played by Willie Mae Taylor.

2) Zydeco singer-Accordianist Stanley Dural Jr. who fronts the band Buckwheat Zydeco
by Federalq2b June 4, 2005
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Buckwheat = Curly Hair.
Originated from the movie "The Little Rascles". A character named 'Buckwheat' had curly hair. Normally refer's to pubic hair.
Question: I'm so glad I got waxed today, I got a Bermuda Triangle... Did you get waxed today?
Reply: No, but I need too, I got the 'Buckwheat'.
by PauL M. (Vic, Australia) April 18, 2005
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