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To hide contraband, such as drugs, stolen objects, food, or any other things that may be forbidden in a certain place, in one's anus to prevent said contraband from being discovered.

Takes its name from the scene in the film Pulp Fiction where Bruce Willis's character remembers Christopher Walken's character presenting him with his late father's watch which Walken admits he hid in his ass while a POW.
Fat Camper 1: I can't believe you got the candy! How were you able to hide it from the counselors?
Fat Camper 2: I had to Walken it!
by thegreatrock June 16, 2011
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He is an AMAZING guy. Extremely hot. Nicest person you will ever meet in your whole life.They are VERY rare. Walkens' are very rare so when you find one you should hold them and never let them go.
I want to be a Walkens when I grow-up.
by DURARARA2 November 12, 2017
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