Commision (art commision) - most used on Deviantart, commision is a paid art, it costs real money. Also there are comms which are paid arts too, but cost Deviantart points.
A: Wow! I like your art! How about a commision?
B: Sure!
A: How much is it?
B: It is (for example) 50$
A: Ow, thanks! How can I pay?
B: You can pay by (for example) PayPal.
by Kitus February 21, 2016
One of Melbourne's (and arguably Australia's) strongest Hiphop group. Delivering dark, vicious rhymes over solid tracks. Members include Trem, Brad Strut and Bob Balans, with cuts supplied by DJ J-red.
.The Stage is Set
.Murderous Metaphors
"As the beat drums i speak tongues, you cant comprehend since '91 heads in the know sayign WHATS FOR TREM.
Its on again as years passed, the stage was set, LC blazed each place, we grazed from A to Z, craters left from raps spawned and platforms, check the map flatten whole cities with just our wack slaunch, BACK TO STAUNCH.Youve seen uh-s my team crushed more mics than any clean cut rappers can dream up." - Trem, Hells Basement on Lyrical Commision's Murderous Metaphors.
by MagnoliaFan October 8, 2005
when something is not working, or out of service
"hey dude, is your computer fixed yet?"
"no, it's still out of commision."
by Jup!73r February 13, 2021