Northern Irish term used mostly in a sexual context to mean either

a) the act of sexual intercourse


b) a desireable member of the opposite (or sometimes same) sex.

Often associated with letchery and general ungentlemanly conduct and usually heard millions of times in any given Belfast night club that caters to retards and skanks.
"Gis a buck atchee!!"

"Here Mackers, your girl's a buck like."

"Get her Home, Get her Bucked!"
by eobo August 07, 2009
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The sexual position where the woman lays on her back and raises her legs above her head. During sexual intercourse she may rest her legs on the mans shoulders.
I put her ass in the Buck
by Walt February 11, 2005
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The actual definition of buck is to prepare yo self to fight or if someone happens to offend you yo get buck
if you buck im finto beat yo pussy ass up right now lil showty.
by Allen June 05, 2004
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Is a car containing leather seats and wood-grain Interior
Pimp C. " smoke'n out, pour'n up,keeping lean up in my cup in my car leather in wood, in my hood we call its buck"
by JonLee713 October 10, 2006
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A Buck is a term used to refer to a member of a fictitious tribe of people from the rain forests of Guyana. They are described as very short people who are believed to have magical powers. It is rumored that superstitious people from all over the world try to obtain them so that they can bring them wealth.
The person aspiring to attain riches usually would have to feed him milk and allow him to live in his attic. If the wealth searcher ever stops providing the food and shelter for the Buck all sorts of bad things will start happening to the family.
They brought a Buck from Guyana to live in their attic.
by drebel_3 February 16, 2010
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1. The act of going crazy, insane, or getting pumped up to fight

2. Something awesome, or so ridiculous that it is unbelievable

1. guy 1: "whats that guy doin?"
guy 2: "gettin buck before he fights"

2. guy 1: "whats that?" (looking at colorful-ass AIR JORDS)
guy 2: "the buckest shoes you have ever seen"
by annananim March 30, 2008
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