1. Yiddish word for grandmother.
2. Name of host of popular online cooking show "Feed Me Bubbe" (http://www.feedmebubbe.com)
by JoeZZZ April 27, 2007
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A nickname that you give to a cool dude. Someone that is very chill and fun to be around.
John: What's up Bubbs? Come chill and drink some beers with us!

Brendan(Bubbs): Sounds good man, see you soon.
by Dwayne Carta November 8, 2011
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Champagne. Bubb is short for bubbly.
'Cause I'm out in the club and I'm sippin' that bubb and you're not gonna reach my telephone.
by samd12345 May 18, 2010
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a more casual and relaxed way of girls saying "babes" to friends.
Freya: heyy bubbs

Emily: oh heyy, don't you hate it when friends call you babes all the time.
by freybobs November 4, 2009
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type of herbals (marijuana). Also known as bubble gum. Higher grade than chronic but not as great as Kush. Approximately, $400 to $500 an oz.
What u need? i got some regs, BUBBS, and some og kush.
by RJ the kushman April 13, 2006
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A prepubescent young man who enjoys himself too much. A bubb will continually poke fun at friends in a desperate attempt to hide his true homosexual feelings towards them. Bubbs are often described as goofy and weird.
That bubb is extremely annoying.
by K- Fish April 25, 2008
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Bubbs- a term of endearment used to describe a beautiful yet vastly intelligent angel named Alexia. She is both gentle and sweet with a lust for life and a yearning to greatly improve the lives of everyone she meets. There is only one Bubbs, my Bubbs
My Bubbs is the single greatest person in my life, a loyal friend and confidant.
by Alexia’s kitten July 31, 2021
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