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a single word that is shouted, the "b" and "r" are rolled, coming to a crescendo on the "up".

1. a call between rude boys to let each other know where they are, much like howling monkeys screaming.

2. something to shout when you're drunk and want to make a lot of noise.
(shouted out at high volume)

by DJ No Talent October 24, 2004
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The word "Brup" a secondary advancement of the word "Brap" is commonly used by the majority of the British society of today. The multi defined saying has several meanings;
1. A person of higher class, social status or general
wealth has unfortunately been humiliated in public.
And 'Brup' is uttered to show success, and draw
2. "Brup" indicates what social class you fall into
this being "UK spongers".
3. Used to show a distinct need for attention. Chavs
can be seen doing this in town centres, outside the
local Mc. Donald's, and KFC.
1. "Chav 1" - Hey bro. Dis shit is tight, go murk dat fassy
wit a big, bitch slap. Aye?
"Chav 2" - Yeah. Wud be berr sick n ting...
"Chav 3" - Ight.
*Chav 3 wanders over to a reasonably dressed
man and slap him round the face*

"Chav 1,2 and 3" "BRUP BRUP!"

2. "BRUP!" - can't say anything more really....

3. "Same as No. 2"
by Chav Killa April 16, 2007
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1. a group exclamation when something is achieved
2. to brup someone up is to beat them shitless
3. Celebration cheer
Brup after losing ones virginity
by cuntjon January 21, 2006
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The coffee that spurts out of the drink hole on a to-go cup, most notably Starbucks.
Damnit, I just had brup spew out and burn me!
by Misfitina April 05, 2011
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Word used to describe vomiting. Not only does it contain the first two letters of the words "bring" and "up" but also it sounds like the act of vomiting (brrrrup!)

Devivatives could include "feeling bruppish" for feeling sick or "brupper" for a person throwing up.
She's had too much to drink and I think she's gonna BRUP her guts pretty soon.
by Kev in hants June 04, 2007
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Brup - a toxin commonly found in the rattler of a Nigerian King Cobra. Human usage can be seen as a narcotic, checmical weapon, and found in many fraternties across america.
Yo I hit up a gram of Brup last night. I ended up in jail for stat rape.
by NigerianScammer September 28, 2010
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like burp but in that distinct memey manner.
its like a verbal shrug
by china number 1 January 04, 2018
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