some sort of slang that roadmen say.
innit” is short for “isn’t it” and “bruv” is what they are calling the person who they’re talking to
chav: *literally any statement*
roadman: “innit bruv”
by tubbolive September 3, 2021
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british slang, used when agreeing with someone. usually used by people that think they are roadmen
oi that emma is peng
‘innit bruv’
by someonethatprobshatesu March 9, 2019
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A slang to say someone is talking in a British accent. When someone forgets the t's in words like 30 (thir-e), or they say something british.
Abi; "Oh the answer is thir-ee two"
Lucia: "innit bruv"
Caitlin: "Yea Innit bruv"
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Innit Bruv is a very popular phrase in the UK and some people say it ironically and some not. Anyways, the definition of innit bruv is that it basically means the same thing as i know right!!!??? Some instead of saying innit bruv they just say Innit but that doesn't change the meaning!!!! Have fun learning the Chav Language!!!!
Man:that food is bussin' !!!
Friend:Innit bruv!!!
by pounds££££ April 9, 2023
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