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to brune: verb describing the overwhelming cramping sensation in the lower abdomen that one needs to relieve his or her bowels almost immediately.
After eating at tacobells, that familiar feeling arose telling me I was about to brune.

syn: bruning up

brunery: a row of toilets typically found in a large mall or school cafeteria designed for quick access

brunage: the byproduct of bruning up.
by Sidarthur December 27, 2009
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to tell unbelievable lies, nonsense; to bullshit openly
He likes to brune. He tells people he's rich and successful, but everybody knows he still lives with his parents and has never had sex, though he's 35.

When his wife walked on him with another woman he bruned up.
by bubbles13 April 03, 2013
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n. shortened term for brunettes ; plural form of brune ; sexually attractive females with reddish-brown hair
"I can't believe I got to kick it with a clique of brunes last night!"
by ironyreigns September 12, 2013
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