13 definitions by Adam Hobbs

To throw up in your mouth, swallow it, and the proceed to throw it up again.
Uh... last night i decroditated all over the place.
by Adam Hobbs January 31, 2008
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An affliction most commonly with those who attend a religious congregation frequently, inwhich the person yells out affirmations of what the religious speaker is saying. It is found mostly in the christian religion.

Common Words and phrases yelled are hallelujah, amen, glory be with us, and praise jesus.
That woman keeps yelling hallelujah at the preacher... I think she has Religious Tourettes.
by Adam Hobbs August 30, 2008
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An affliction most commonly to those who attend church. It is the yelling out of affirmations to the preachers words during a sermon. Commons words and phrases yelled are amen, hallelujah, and praise jesus.
by Adam Hobbs August 3, 2008
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Musicians who see themselves and big rockstars, but are actual douches (Fall Out Boy).
by Adam Hobbs January 9, 2010
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A word used to fill an awkward silence in an uncomfortable situation.
Girl: Your hot, wanna make whoopy?
Guy: ................salad
by Adam Hobbs May 15, 2008
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To destroy or ruin something. Brune-ing. To brune
Dude, you suck... quit bruning all of our hacks.
by Adam Hobbs May 6, 2008
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