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when your brother is also your uncle either because your mother had a child with your grandfather or your father had a child with your grandmother: the male offspring being your brother; because you share one parent, and also your uncle; because he is the child of your grandparent as well
Ronald: "Hey Bruncle Bob!"

Bob: "Hey my dear ole brephew, Ronald!"

Ronald: "Did you call my Dad this weekend?"

Bob: "You mean my Grandpa? Yep, he said he put you back on his will even after you shot his dog."
by redneckfamily December 22, 2009
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a brother and uncle at the same time (weird)
"My bruncle is coming to visit me this weekend"
-Winston Furth
by slipknot rocks October 15, 2004
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inbreeding term. used when referring to your brother, who is also technically your uncle.
Why is your bruncle always looking at your little sister like that?

This is Billy-Bob, my bruncle. We have a VERY close family.

What time is your brother-i mean uncle coming to pick you up?
by B August 12, 2003
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The hybrid formation of a brother and an uncle. Common in Tasmania, Australia.
"I tried to do my family tree but I didn't know where to put my bruncle"
by Brunkle March 03, 2009
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I had a sister quite a few years older than myself. She had a child - my niece - who is only three years younger than me. We spent a lot of time together growing up. I am close like a brother, but technically her uncle. Hence the word Bruncle. Additionally, that makes her my sister/niece or sniecester.
by pistolapete March 19, 2011
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A male relative who is both your uncle (a sibling of your parents) and you brother (one of your siblings).
Since Narelle is my mum & my sister then Barry must be my bruncle
by ringofyre April 24, 2011
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Whan some how your uncle become's also your brother and you are unsure of what to actually call him when introducing him to other's.
When my mom took in my Uncle who was only 4 year's older then me and 2 year's older then my sister, but was 18 year's younger then my mom, he was my Uncle who became my Brother. He was now my Bruncle!

Hey, check out Lana's bruncle. He's pretty cool how he is alway's there for her, just like a brother would be.

When you consider your uncle to be more of a brother then an uncle, he become's your bruncle... Yipee!
by Lana-GigglesOverU March 01, 2009
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