Putting a bag over a woments head, then cutting a hole where the mouth is and getting head. This is usually done because the women is ugly.
Hey see that ugly girl I brownbagged her last night.
I couln't see her face at all.
by ExPliCiTx360x January 12, 2011
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To leave a fecal residue on a sex partner. May or may not include use of the scrotum(BAWLZ).
Last night I totally brownbagged that bitch all over her face/chest.
by walczyk January 17, 2005
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When you receive head from someone wearing a brown bag over their head if they have a nasty face.
Dude me and the chick, well I think it was a chick were brownbagging it the other day.
by Gary Sphinktas April 13, 2006
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A phrase that describes the time before a bar closes and all the pretty faced girls have left.
You wanna stay? No! It's fucking brownbag hour and I'm out!
by M. Guilbault May 15, 2007
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When a women is very unattractive. So to solve this you put a brown bag over her head. Two possibly, one for you and one for her if she is that bad. Then you proceed in sexual intercourse.
Dude did you see that nasty chick? You need to take her out for a brownbag lunch.
by alksdflkamdf;ojaf January 23, 2008
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When a man poops on a girl's forehead then t-bags her causing his balls to turn brown.
"I had to wash my ballsac after giving Jenny the brownbag special last night."
by Austindiesel December 11, 2008
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