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Less intense than the experience of "blacking out" when drunk and not remembering portions (or all) of your night, "browning out" occurs when you don't remember something until someone brings it up. It's not a complete blackout, but partial, because you remember once someone refreshes you.
I didn't even remember making out with Bryanne until J-Lo told me (it must not have been that good)! I definitely had a brown out last night.
by Jigga Jaime April 24, 2006
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memory loss less severe than a blackout, generally spanning 15-20 minutes and sandwiched by periods of clear to semi-clear recollection, and almost always after a duration of heavy binge drinking.
Stacy had a nice brownout last night, he remembers getting home but doesn't recall eating at Los Tres Panchos.
by scumbunch October 31, 2006
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A partial loss of power similar to a blackout, but with less intensity. May cause lights to flicker, electronic devices to turn on/off spontaneusly, etc.
See brownout
California, in the midst of a constant energy crisis, is apt to have brown outs, especially during the summer.
by pythonspam May 24, 2004
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A massive debilitating dump taken by a co-worker that paralyzes an entire office floor.
Walter took a massive brownout this morning after his ham biscuit. The whole workforce is suffering and deserves combat pay.
by chocolate doughnut hole May 15, 2007
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Passing out immediately after having a substantial defecation.
Johnny had a brownout after finally get rid of that half pound burrito, waking up hours later to find himself still sitting on the toilet.
by SuperMurphee August 02, 2010
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When one is engaged in anal sex and as they are thrusting in and out of their partner's anus they look down and notice some shit on their dick. Suddenly the energy and desire for anal sex is diminished greatly to the point of becoming semi-erect.
Jim: Dude, I so pumped last night. I had a hard-on that wouldn't quit and I was fucking Jane's ass. Then I noticed my cock was coming out dirty and I just lost it. Started going limp. Lost my drive. What a bummer.
Bo: Damn, bro. Total brown out!
by theinstigator September 22, 2016
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Similar to "greening out" as a negative short term after-effect of smoking cannabis. However instead of vomiting you shit yourself. Browning out.

Side note: Most people who brown out deny it at all costs.
Conor: Damn boi, I was so high I think might have shat myself after getting off that train
Me: Woah I can't believe you just brown'd out for fuck sake Conor
Conor: No I didn't brown out I swear!
Everyone else: Did you hear Conor brown'd out at South Kensington Station
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by Skunk Shack FM September 19, 2017
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