1. When the lights go out quickly and come back on. Also may reboot computers.

2. When your girlfriend smacks you across the dome.
Shit, that brownout disconnected my Counter Strike game

That bitch brownout my eye
by Bud Wise May 20, 2004
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Simon had a brown out on his way to work and had to return home to change his pants.
by Scrufty September 08, 2005
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interestingly enough the Brown Out is an output pin on a Microcontroller chip that indicates when power to the system is failing. e.g. when your TV tells you that the batteries in your remote are low it is because the Brown Out has flagged up a warning and the remote has transmitted that warning signal on to the TV

oh and it sounds like poo. haha
"The Brown Out is at a logic 1"
by Dijital May 22, 2004
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Similar to "greening out" as a negative short term after-effect of smoking cannabis. However instead of vomiting you shit yourself. Browning out.

Side note: Most people who brown out deny it at all costs.
Conor: Damn boi, I was so high I think might have shat myself after getting off that train
Me: Woah I can't believe you just brown'd out for fuck sake Conor
Conor: No I didn't brown out I swear!
Everyone else: Did you hear Conor brown'd out at South Kensington Station
via giphy
by Skunk Shack FM September 19, 2017
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1. for the electricity to dim or fade

2. an instance of the electricity dimming or fading, a partial black out
I hate it when we get a brown out. flicccc
by The Return of Light Joker February 01, 2008
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A lag in power getting to it's destination, where a black out would almost occure, but is averted at the last second. A dip in the ammount of power and quality being provided.
Damn it, that brown out fried all my electronics
by Felspar May 22, 2004
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