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An amazing person. The centre of attention. super nice and super hot. The friend the gives you great advice. a great kisser. ton of friends, but has those few best friends she loves to hang with. high appeal to the opposite sex. smart. caring. good sense of humor. very popular. silly, fun, and sweet. passionate, wonderful lovers, fun to be around. very organized. perfect in her own way. easy to find but hard to keep. very stylish.
damn, i cant wait to see Bryanne today.
by thesparklydog November 20, 2011
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A young girl who is crazy, enjoys spending time with friends and cares for others with all her heart! Will be there for you in a heart beat. Picks dumb boyfriends! Tries to hard sometimes! Takes big leeps and sometimes fails to succesed! Bryanne is just a great person!
Hey Bryanne!


What are you doing?

Nothing just caring for others! Did I also tell you that I hate him!


I hate him!

I think he knows!

by kaelab.c September 16, 2012
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a very awesome and pretty blonde girl. she's caring and loving and very sarcastic. she has alot of pain in her heart ,she has suffered many heart breaks. she's strong brave ,intuitive and independent
wow she's very Bry'Anne
by bubblekins August 01, 2011
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a brujah antitribu who is on the path of Caine.

An ordained priest of the sabbat.

A Bon Vivant/ thrillseeker
Did you see Bryanne at the last Palle Grande?
by BrujahBryanne February 03, 2010
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A girl who parties and does drugs on a regular basis.. with her mom

example: hey you know that Bry-anne girl.. shes quite the little hooker
by Allie Morris January 16, 2008
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