when hasan shits himself on stream
my name is hasan and i brown out when i stream
by blondzhen April 19, 2019
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Less intense than the experience of "blacking out" when drunk and not remembering portions (or all) of your night, "browning out" occurs when you don't remember something until someone brings it up. It's not a complete blackout, but partial, because you remember once someone refreshes you.
I didn't even remember making out with Bryanne until J-Lo told me (it must not have been that good)! I definitely had a brown out last night.
by Jigga Jaime April 24, 2006
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A partial loss of power similar to a blackout, but with less intensity. May cause lights to flicker, electronic devices to turn on/off spontaneusly, etc.
See brownout
California, in the midst of a constant energy crisis, is apt to have brown outs, especially during the summer.
by pythonspam May 24, 2004
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When the stupid power company lacks the power grid capacity, and causes all my lights to flicker and resets my clocks and computers.
If I get another brown out, I'm going to firebomb the electric company.
by tex May 24, 2004
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A reduction or cutback in electric power, especially as a result of a shortage, a mechanical failure, or overuse by consumers.
If a city uses too much electricity, a brown out occurs.
by Didda Tinkle May 24, 2004
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Something common in the summer during extremely hot days when many people are running high-drain devices such as air-conditioners.
"We had a brown out last summer because it was 98F out at night and everyone was running their AC"
by AJG May 24, 2004
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Simon had a brown out on his way to work and had to return home to change his pants.
by Scrufty September 9, 2005
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