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This describes people and activities which resemble a good brother or something a good brother would do. It includes favors, good deeds, trust, patience, and generosity. It is derived from the idea of brotherly love.
"Thanks for letting me borrow your car for the weekend, that was very broish"
by kdlady123 September 14, 2009
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(bro-ish) v. The act or action of performing a "bro like" task in order to aide or assist in one's biological, adopted, or acquired bro.
You really had my back in that bar fight back there, that was rather broish of you.
by jimmypop89 November 06, 2010
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Broish kids Plays football, is white and raps. drives a white fusion with green neon lights
by thegirlwholaughs September 24, 2010
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