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The act of stealing or taking without consent.
To hijack.
Bob brodied the remote control, Jim yell to him to give it back.
by Allen January 07, 2005
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When you fuck up a really easy situation, possibly because you're high on crack.
I asked him to send me three simple costs and he brodied it and sent me nothing at all. I asked what happened and then he said, "Okay".
by Gaga Fan 4 Lyfe January 19, 2018
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To be kneed, or knee one in the balls, REALLY HARD, hard enough to bring even the most muscle bound chaps to the ground in tears.
Liam got Brodie'd the other night while drinking.
by Barry Steaksandwich A.K.A. SCG February 01, 2009
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When you get highly intoxicated and do stupid things whilst very drunk
Dude, you were absolutely Brodied last night!
by Psycholiver April 21, 2017
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