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what happens when bros go grocery shopping, usually for items relating to cheap nutrition or getting drunk.
"hey man, i'm out of natty ice and dollar pizzas. we need to go brocery shopping!"
by H&N Industries July 23, 2009
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To go specifically in search of other bros with the intention of making them your new bros.
"Hey brosef, I just went brocery shopping. Meet Anthony and Travis."
by anditwasamazing August 04, 2015
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when bros go to the grocery store to pick up women
Chad went brocery shopping at Albertsons and met his new gf Amber.

by broney June 21, 2011
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When a group of bro's head to the store and only purchase beer and rubbers.
Dorv: Hey bro!!! you going to the party tonight?!

Hunter: Ya BRO!!! Just need to go brocery shopping first!!!!

Dorv: Gonna be an EPIC night bro!!
by Smokay McPot September 13, 2009
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