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An alternative way of saying cocaine. Coined first by Zach Cregger of Whitest Kids U' Know.
"I told her I was gonna be in the woods for 2 weeks fighting ghosts or something, but then I went to my second apartment and did a shitload of brocaine." - Zach Cregger.
by poisonpoyson August 01, 2009
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A ritual substance used to lower inhibitions; generally lets bros open up to one another and just be bros. Overuse may lead to a possible bromance.
Woah, this brocaine is off the hook... which reminds me, bro... I love you bro.
by tsukiatari July 21, 2008
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The morning after you've been up all night doing Cocaine... you're not just "broken" but instead "brocaine" indicating you're sore, achy, unmotivated, and in some immediate need of something to balence it all out.
"Can we stop by Starbucks? I am so fucking brocaine, I can barely walk."
by Vikt0r November 01, 2007
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The methanphedimine drug that produces high concentrations of flow. Popular in surf towns or lacrosse tournaments. Highly addictive.
David took some brocaine at a party and was immediately hooked. He traded in his boy scouts uniform and baseball glove for a surfboard and lacrosse stick.
by travlax April 24, 2009
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Bud-Light or some other such non-delicious, yet overconsumed and over-advertised alcoholic beverage which allows 'bro's' the necessary social lubricant to engage in such acts as yelling "college!" or instigating fights about who is up next in beer pong.
"Dude, I totally signed up before you for beer pong next and I'm the one who brought the good beer anyway. Can't you see this is Bud-Light!"

"Man, that dude needs to lay off that brocaine."
by ctct September 10, 2008
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