Big Wiener. Partially black. Fucks women as a hobby. Makes Kevin Noah look like a scrub.
All the women yell, "AIII BROCYY!" as they get pussy pounded.
by iPORKEDyourMOM December 21, 2009
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kid who is cooler than mccarthy.
In a fight yesterday, Broc made mccarthy cry by rocking his jaw fifty billion bajillion infinite times.
by nosilly May 7, 2005
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kid who thinks nadine baker is his friend.
thats what hapens whenn moorstown kids try to takl to twp kids.
by nope May 7, 2005
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disregard his last coment since "bajillion" isnt a word/#
Broc the biggest pussy i no enjoys making immature comments about people and telling them it was someone else
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i effin hate u son and i fucked ur mom
i fucked ur mom broc and no one likes u
by jolly green gaint May 10, 2005
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Ancient Greek for "King of Kings". Broc is often sexy and multi-talented. Is most likely an aries. Bad at basketball but good at football, hockey, and any other sports.
I named my child Broc because he is going to be king of the world.
by i'M bROC February 27, 2009
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