Tit Wank Potential. The potential ability a woman has to perform a tit wank on a mans penis. Usually determined by the size of her breasts.
jon: That girl has some serious TWP!

george: yeah mate, 8 out of 10 TWP

jon: easily
by TariboWest May 29, 2011
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A Welsh word (especially valleys)meaning "stupid" or "dull" in the extreme.
Mike drove through the coal drenched miners town with his hands covering his ears. Through the skin on his palms he could hear the screams and jeers of the young girls: "Mikey boy, you're twp as fuck!". It was time to move on.
by Jay Densley January 15, 2003
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(Short for "Texting While Pooping")

1. When your life gets too busy to respond to your text messages, you have to rely on the five to ten minutes on the toilet to text people back and you don't want to call anyone because they may hear you pooping.

2. A great excuse often used so you don't have to call someone at that particular moment.
(In a text conversation)

Sally: "Can I call u?"

John: "In a little bit. I'm TWP."

Sally: "Ur fucking gross."
by Poopy Texter June 05, 2010
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