Simple: THERE ISN"T ONE!!!

Saying "British Accent" is just as stupid as saying "North American Accent", in as much as "Britain" is more a reference to the land mass that contains within it the countries England, Scotland and Wales, so also North America contains The U.S.A., Canada, Mexico etc.
We here in The U.K. like to be called by our country of habitat, namely, England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland. (Please never get the Northern Irish Mixed up with Irish or any other english speaking accent.. They hate that just as much as we hate to be called British.) All of this hangs nicely around our accent. According to the country we live in, we like to be known as having English, Scottish, or Welsh accents. Keep calling us British, or saying that we have a British accent, and we'll start calling you Americans "Canadian" or even "north American". And we might even say that you sound like the Canadians, we know you'd hate that, but the thing is, we can actually tell the difference.
(PS:Northern Ireland is not officially classed as being in Britain, though the British government does rule it, just as it used to rule many other countries around the world. Thats why it is often referred to as Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Together this is referred to the United Kingdom, something that is totally different from Britain.)
Generic American "hero" in Generic crap film: we know he's the bad guy, he has a British accent..
All who watch the film (outside the U.S.) think: Stupid American tosser, its just a thick Yank trying very hard to do a cockney accent, and failing miserably. Plonkers.
by NorwegianJon October 31, 2005
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An accent that has never existed, American media has lead to most of the American general public confusing Britain to be the same thing as England rather than containing England, as such, the media has influenced the shared opinion that everyone talks in some sort of posh 1800s London accent, such media has also influenced the idea that tea and crumpets is popular among the "British" when in actual fact, very few people like either these days.

Most of the time people forget that Britain contains England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, all of which have their own regional accents as well.
American: Are you British?

English person: I am English if that is what you mean

American: I love your British accent!

English person: Are you retarded?
by You disgust me August 12, 2011
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One of the many ways to get an American girl to sleep with you.
-Hey I have a British accent, wanna go for a shag
-Oh my gosh, shag hahaha, you're so British. Yes yes, I want a shag haha
by JoeTheFool August 12, 2011
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the most annoying accents in the world are british accents. they sound so posh, like a snooty stuck-up rich person.
or other times they sound really really weird, like an alien that had it's nose chopped off and it's tounge
sliced in half.

it's really annoying!
that voice, it sounds so posh, do you have a british accent?
by OrangeBurrito February 04, 2016
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not many people in england have that horrible upperclass accent thats just stupid hollywood producers for you making movies who dont know shiyte. who want shooting may I add, , theres loads of accents in england, some sound irish like the geordies and the scousers, why Iye man, gooin up toon ferra pint, some have the same accent as austrailiens like the south staffordshire and the black countray "g'day a yo orighte aer kid" "doe they, yo aye am ya" arrr, dyo wanna canabea aer kid, thats where strife comes from, some people have that cockney accent where they never pronouce their R's alwighyte mayte, ow it gahn geeza, some accents over pronounce their RRs like the west country and cornwall, where the farmers say OGHHH ARRR in a deep voice, or like the pirates of penzance did iye ye be warrrned. this is why the former colonies have so much accented diversity between each other because they all descend from difrent areas of britain.
theres no british accent as such and it all depends on your class and back gound and where ya come in england which determines the way yo spayke, some southern english people look down on black country accents the most because of how broad it is! doe they
by bute September 19, 2005
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The british accents are the most annoying accents in the world. Note I said "accents" as they can be an English accent, or a Scottish one or a Welsh one or a Northern Irish one.

Believed by many people to indicate a genius that simply isn't there. Also believed by many to indicate a sophistication that isn't there either.

Former colonies of Her Royal Majesty tend to have much better (and sexier) accents than those of the Motherland.
Examples of british accents: Those really obnoxious wanks in HEX, MI-5 and Coupling.
by Her Most Royal Majesty September 20, 2007
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a funny ass way of talking over in britain, it could even make a raunchy phrase sound squeeky clean and proper
examples of a british accent phrase:
'Ello Govnah!
by stretch69 March 20, 2008
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