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Often used as a greeting. Means hello, what’s up, how are you or similar phrases. Sometimes groups all the general greetings together such as Hi, How Are You or Hello, Is Everything Alright? When two friends meet up one would open with “Yes Yes” followed by a suffix such as bro, man, blud, etc. In some cases it can, although loosely, be translated as “I acknowledge you’re presence” or “I am announcing mine”.

Do not confuse with “Affirmative affirmative”, “Positive, positive” or the antonym “No, no”
1. “Yes yes blud.”
2. You: “Yes, yes.”, Friend: “Easy Blud.”
3. “Yes yes, Wa gwan?”
by Gezza May 26, 2006
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Used by males as cover for alerting friends that a good looking woman is in the vicinity without making it too obvious. "Yes yes......(fit girl walks past)" this is usally followed by 'yes yes' if the friend agreed with the call.
Yes yes....... That girl was fit!!
by Turk'ish May 19, 2014
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when u try to be m.bison
M.Bison: YES! YES!

The original YES YES can be found on YouTube
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by TOOLAZY4U October 08, 2018
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Used as an exclamation of extreme joy and/or happiness.
POV: You get full marks on a test.
YOU: 'OMG yesyes!!'
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by Wicked1:) June 11, 2020
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