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every english person is different, whether they're arrogant arseholes or good- hearted people. They're not smug or full of themselves, just proud to be part of a nation that has made a contribution (be it good or bad) to the world.

the weather kind of sucks and no don't hate all americans just pathetic ones who think they own the world and everything in it. I AM NOT SAYING THAT THAT IS EVERY AMERICAN!!

Strong people who constantly put up with the prejudice views of other nations but still think good of them.

Famous for comedy and fish n chips and beer. Famous for james bond and the queen and will shakespeare and cups of tea :D

Tip: english people are english, not british. there is a difference!!! xoxo
'english people are from england. scottish are from scotland. irish people are from ireland. welsh people are from wales. these are all different!'
by thoseenglishgirls February 17, 2010
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English people are people part of the british society. Let me clear things up.
1.Not all English people have bad teeth. Infact, the majority of teens today have perfect teeth because with the NHS, if you're under 16 we get braces for free.
2. Yes, most of us drink a high amount of tea. But not all of us like it, or drink it.(Stereotype).
3. We're not jealous of Americans.
4.We're not all pussies. I'd like to see you got to south london and try and start a fight.
5. Not every one of us hates americans.
6. I know alot of people who are amazing on Xbox.
7. Yes, we swear a lot. I honestly don't see the need for the word 'fuck' used about 5 times in a sentance.
8. We have alot of hot people in this country too.
9. There are many different accents, we're not all posh. I come from the south, so a southern accent can be quite harsh. Like a farmer.
Basically, what I'm trying to get at is if you actually met us you'd realise that we are the exact opposite of what you think we are.
guy1:dude, she's hot.
guy2: I heard she's from England.
guy1: no way! i gotta check that place out.
guy3: I heard there are English people all over the place that look like that!
by indrajazzzz December 06, 2011
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The wisest, most advanced group of people on the planet.

This is due to England's ideal spot on Earth, along with a combination of rich history, flat farming landscapes, varied weather and ideal temperatures.

People living in England have evolved and continue evolving faster than the rest of the world.

The fact the English are on average 10 generations more advanced, subjects them to jealousy, accusations of arrogance, misunderstanding and fascination from the rest of the world.
English people are the seeds to America's success.
by Percy Moore January 11, 2010
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A nation of people that are often Stereotyped. I am here today to give the facts behind the opinion.
A. Bad teeth- Well, er, okay, this one's true.
B. Overweight- Er, well, I guess this one's true too.
E. Posh accents- I personally have a posh accent, as I come from Oxford :) But there's many other accents; such as Cockney Geordie and Brummie.
F. Swear a lot- I don't know what the fuckinghell you're talking about!
G. Bad on Xbox live- Well, not a lot of English men or women even go on Xbox live. It's normally teens or children, who have not yet matured. It's kinda unfair to base the whole of England from these people, that all the English hate too.
H. Rude- Well, we're more sarcastic than rude.
I. Hate Americans- Actually, this one's not true. Most English people love the Americans, and it's just the small majority that go around on Xbox live slagging off the Americans. But they're not even considered as English people, they have their own race called 'chav'
K. Drink a lot of tea- Ok, I can't deny this one.

I hope that cleared some things up for you! Have a nice day, and cheerio!
Just go watch Charlieissocoollike or Nerimon to find out what English people are really like and get off your Xbox. The chavs are not people. They are witches and should be burnt at the stake.
by Murderburger April 17, 2011
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Members of the southern part of the United Kingdom that does not come from any form of Celtic background or origin (i.e. Scotland, Ireland or Wales).

These people have a tendancy to be smug and arrogant, as their parliament dictates over the other parts of the UK, and imposes taxation on resources native to Scotland like their oil found off the coast of Shetland...
Chancellor "...and here we have in this years budget of a further 2 pence per gallon of petrol, in order to screw the scottish people out of the last industry that the Tory government in the 80's has not killed off...This will benefit all English People as we have no resources left of our own"
by JJ Cooper October 04, 2007
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"Tend to be cry babies on xbox live."

And also get incredibly-extremely angry when insulted, and when insulted will insult the insulter with the rudest and most unbelievebly nasty swearwords known to man.
English people, right now lets get on with the definition:

English person: "oh no you got me again"

Foreigner (usually a Yank, no offence intended): "shut up, you little English/British baby."

English person: "F**K YOU! YOU SH*TFORBRAINS, GO EAT (insert incredibly fatty food here), YOU STUPID YANK C*NT!!!!!!!!"
by Englishandproud August 08, 2009
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tend to be cry babies on xbox live. they also scream at you calling you horrible names like fat, inbred, and other terrible things even tho they are lead by a queen and it rains all day in england and they have sand in there pussies
I Yannkee I: Yes my favorite map on Cod4!
English gamer 101: I hate you you dumb yank your so fat and you inbred all day i hope you lose on you favorite map
I Yannkee I: Why are you so made do you have sand in your pussy? all you english people are the same. cry cry cry i need my mommy's tits!
by I Yannkee I January 31, 2009
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