this word is literally just someone that was stupid and spelled believe wrong :D

thank me later, but in advanced... your welcome.
by duhitz.litty03 September 23, 2020
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Often autocorrected to believe
Verb 1. To remain, stay
2. A misspelling of believe
3. "Shut the fuck up" (by Merriam Webster Official March 12th, 2023)
1. Quickly, forthwith
2. Soon, presently, before long; by and by, anon
See bleve and blive
I belove here, so he will be able to belive here
by Master of beargreen August 4, 2023
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belive - definition: Kavindu is gay pronunciation: ka-vin-du-i-z-g-a-e
by RustyOldVolvo December 8, 2019
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but chuck norris can
randome1: i cant belive its not butter
randome2: chuck norris can
randome1: no dude just no
randome2:watch what you say chuck norris might round house kick you
by maderthanyou January 21, 2009
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Marty: please katie eat my balls

Katie: my mouth is already stuffed with your cock
Marty: please
Katie: fine
Marty: whos that taste
Marty: Katie? Katie?
nararator: katie is chocking on marty pp
10 mins later

the hospital had to cut marty balls and pp off
marty now hyas a vagina
cant belive you found this.
by sped demon January 27, 2023
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