A concentrated effort by one online group to manipulate another. (e.g. by mass commenting)
Reddit has five rules. "No brigading" is rule #2.
by nullive June 11, 2015
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When people from one group, organization, fandom, forum, server, etc. aggressively infiltrates, usually spontaneously, a rival forum, server, or stream; negative criticism is usually given to the victim of a brigade (the event itself sometimes being called a raid), with insults and counter-signaling common. Usually used in the past participle ("brigaded"). Brigades can be done in good humor, but are usually antagonistic in nature.
"We're going to brigade John's stream and spam 'John is a fag' in the chat."
by speg379 January 7, 2020
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Brigading is an online harassment tactic where a group of people rally against an individual (or occasionally against a small group of people) in a coordinated, sustained and organized way.
"Why are so many people insulting Jerry?"
"Oh, the SJWs are totally brigading him"
by riofantastic June 12, 2018
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To get screwed out of a large sum of money by a customer.
You are $750,000 past due. Are you going to Brigade me?
by linvx February 10, 2010
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When few hundreds of devoted and educated men decide to go on an internet crusade to make this world a better place, rarely appreciated or thanked. Those heroes work in silence so normies culture is disrupted and prevented from taking over the internet.

by Hommusexual September 26, 2019
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SOS-dan, also known as the SOS Brigade, a fictional club in the japanese light novel, manga, and anime "Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu".
The SOS Brigade has produced is a film intended for the High School cultural festival entitled Episode 00: The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina.
by mark seymour August 25, 2006
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