4 definitions by Jim_Raynor

A kind of island that's just meh. a place where losers and outcasts go chill at.
You're not cool, you should go live on the k man islands for a while.
by Jim_Raynor May 3, 2017
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The perviest of the pervs. But also one who can make you laugh while they're being all creepy and watching you undress through the window across the street. In short, a funny pervert.
Hey, stop being such a perv griffin, I'm creeped out but weirdly also laughing so hard I'm crying!
by Jim_Raynor May 4, 2017
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A word describing Britain's hypothetical exit from the European Union. A portmanteau of Britain and exit.
Peace out Europe, I'm gonna brexit.
by Jim_Raynor April 15, 2016
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