Acting cool and aloof so the person you're talking to doesn't think you're trying too hard.
Girl 1: "I hope he doesn't think I'm retarded"
Girl 2: "Don't worry, you were fine. You were totally breezy."

Original reference is from Friends. "Hey, it's Monica. Just calling to say hi. I'm breezy."
Everyone else: "You can't say you're breezy!"
by FriendKerry June 02, 2006
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A girl that you want to holla at but dont want her to know you want to halla at her. Comes from Mac Dre.
Ay you dumb ass breezy come over here. ima tell you now, to me you aint shit you aint gon be shit you aint nothin but a hoe ass breezy. So let a nigga know now is we gone fuck or what let a nigga know bitch. Dumb ass breezy dont waste my time. Well fuck you then bitch!
by Pyro December 28, 2004
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A word I made up substituting the phrase "cool"
Patricia: "Hey you're cool"
Justin: "No, I'm breezy. Thanks anyways"
by JustinHufflepuff October 11, 2009
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